Learning Science Meets Game Design is the blog of Steven Egan. Created for the purpose of social marketing, it focuses on his vaguely defined initiative to use web 2.0 technologies and good game design principles to improve learning opportunities. That initiative is vaguely defined on purpose, since he has just recently started to get his efforts going.

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Steven Egan is a computer science major in college with a love for learning. Mix in his love of game, and playing them, and you get his general direction for the blog, enjoying the activity of learning with games and computers.


As a relative no-name, except being a finalist in the designer contest of Acclaim's Project Top Secret, he wants to get his name out, build some credibility and further his efforts to create a framework to support the improvement of education.


Articles on his initiative efforts, or related topics, like learning and game design, are all that have been posted so far.